The World’s First Superhero for Children Fighting Cancer!

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Superhero  Needed!!

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The world is in need of a true superhero. Not to stop a speeding train, or to scale a skyscraper in pursuit of masked marauders. But to face the vile nemesis that children of all races and religions battle on a daily basis. Cancer. JJ Barak is the world’s first such hero.

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Nistar is a 116 page, full color graphic novel about JJ Barak and his battles against cancer, illustrated by none other than renowned comic book artist Josef Rubinstein (published by Marvel and DC comics) as well as other comic book artists.

Nistar is an exciting story of a young doctor, JJ Barak, who discovers a mystical stone with untapped powers.  He attempts to harness its powers and save the life of a child with cancer. His journey takes him out of the cancer ward and into a parallel realm called Nistar, a place where a person’s thoughts, dreams, fantasies and internal struggles actually have a physical form.  It is in this place that JJ Barak confronts his fears and discovers his inner strength.

Along the way para-human characters guide our hero on his turbulent journey and draw the reader into a highly imaginative, page turning

From the author: I was inspired to create the hero of NISTAR, JJ Barak, as a result of years of experience in a children’s oncology ward alongside my young husband of 19 who had been diagnosed with cancer.  Entering the pediatric oncology ward was literally like entering another world- a world where children have to endure scary and painful procedures every day-a world where children are fighting simply for the chance to grow up.

There is no superhero for these children and THEY DESERVE ONE!!

All children need heroes. Children with cancer deserve their own hero –   a hero they can relate to, a hero who can empower them and instill hope, a hero who will help them find their own hero inside.

NK-048And the fact is that this hope is real. Most children with cancer recover, however the journey to recovery seems long and discouraging when you are going through it.

That’s why I created NISTAR- using story and fantasy to help these children escape their lonely and painful circumstances. NISTAR takes them beyond reality into and world where courage and hope predominate. In NISTAR they see that they too are capable of being the heroes of our own story.

You can contribute to this project below. For every $25 contributed a copy of Nistar will be donated to a child with cancer. Donate $50 and we will also send a copy to the address you can specify below. $75 donates two copies, $100 three copies, and so on.



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“My dream is to get Nistar into the hands of the little heroes who need it most.”- Shira Frimer, author and creator of Nistar.

Shira is a 38 year old author and expressive arts therapist. She resides in Israel with her twin sons.






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